High Court completes record number of cases in 2021

The High Court of the Maldives has revealed it completed a record number of cases during the year 2021.

As per its annual statistics, the High Court had received 835 cases during 2021, of which 672 cases reached completion. Cases completed by the High Court last year include 214 criminal cases, 325 civil cases, 18 family cases, 67 employment cases, 5 constitutional cases, 22 tax cases, 7 electoral cases and 1 information case.

The High Court revealed it had completed the largest number of cases in March, with 100 cases completed during that month. The court revealed an average of over 30 cases were completed every month last year.

The High Court further revealed it received the largest number of cases in August, with 104 cases received during that month. An average of over 50 cases were submitted to the court every month during 2021.

Furthermore, the High Court revealed there are still 679 cases pending at the court, including 2 cases from 2017, 21 cases from 2018, 186 cases from 2019, 141 cases from 2020 and 329 cases from 2021. During 2021, the court registered 625 of the 835 cases submitted to the court.

The High Court is the court of appeal for all decisions made by the lower courts. The court is composed of 11 judges, including the Chief Judge, as per the Judicature Act of the Maldives.