MMPRC hosts e-learning programme for German market

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has hosted an e-learning programme targeting the German market. The programme is being hosted with FVW Akademie, which is one of the leading media channels for the travel industry in the region.

MMPRC stated the programme will take place from June to November and will educate the participants by showcasing the Maldives as a safe destination, information on the products, travel guidelines and the latest updates of the current situation. Approximately 400 attendees are expected to take part in the five-month programme. Additionally, to enhance the visibility of the destination, Maldives will also be featured in two monthly newsletters of FVW with a raffle draw at the end of the programme to incentivise participation.

MMPRC stated several other activities are also planned to further promote the destination in Germany, including joint promotions with airlines and tour operators, print and digital advertisements and several more collaborations with media and key stakeholders in the market. MMPRC also participated in the virtual edition of ITB Berlin held this March, one of the leading travel and trade shows in the world.

Germany is third in rank in terms of top tourist arrivals to the Maldives based on recent figures, even after arrival numbers declined due to the ongoing pandemic. MMPRC stated its hope is to continue this momentum and reach pre-pandemic levels as well as increase the number of arrivals exponentially from this market.