Government will not block peaceful protests: Home Minister

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla has stated the government will not block or hinder any peaceful political activities and protests conducted in the Maldives.

Speaking on the protests conducted by the opposition in Male’, Home Minister Imran said the government will allow peaceful protests and political activities which do not threaten public safety. Noting such activities are essential to ensure the voice of the public is heard, the home minister said the government will not obstruct such activities which are held in accordance to laws and regulations.

The home minister’s remarks came after the opposition coalition conducted a protest in Male’ on February 26 despite orders from the home ministry and Maldives Police Service (MPS) not to conduct mass gatherings against the orders of Health Protection Agency (HPA). MPS arrested 30 people during the protest, all of whom were released the same day.

As per the guidelines set by HPA to control the spread of COVID-19, gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited in the Greater Male’ Region. However, the opposition has been conducting gatherings in the capital every day.