Maldives Biodiversity Youth Network launched

Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology has launched the Maldives Biodiversity Youth Network.

The Biodiversity Youth Network serves as a forum for young people in the Maldives to engage in discussions about environmental issues. It provides a space for sharing information on environmental issues, exploring potential solutions, and seeking international support. The primary objective of this network is to enhance youth participation in biodiversity conservation efforts and contribute to national and global negotiations in these initiatives.

At the launching ceremony, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Aminath Shauna said the Maldives is rich in its biodiversity and that the country’s economy and livelihoods are also based on these natural resources. She said that the launch of the network will allow young people to play a leading role in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems nationally and globally. She added that the youth network will work with the global network and open up various capacity-building opportunities for participants.

Additionally, Minister Shauna highlighted the importance of expanding discussions on the challenges faced by environmental protection initiatives. She noted that the issue of erosion has increased and that formulating sustainable solutions would require the collection of data on the islands. She encouraged the youth to participate in collecting the data and implementing plans in the atolls.