Batik Air Malaysia to commence flights to Maldives

Batik Air Malaysia has decided to commence flight operations to the Maldives in May.

Batik Air Malaysia will use a 737 MAX 8 aircraft to operate daily flights to the Maldives starting from May 12. The flights will arrive in the Maldives after making a transit to Sri Lanka. The airline operated flights to Sri Lanka from 2015 to 2020 but this would be the first time it will operate flights to the Maldives.

A large number of Maldivians travel to Malaysia for their studies or for medical treatment. Malaysian tourists also visit the Maldives and statistics from the Ministry of Tourism show that 783 Malaysians visited the Maldives in January, which is a 587% increase compared to last year.

Currently, 35 airlines operate flights to the Maldives and more are planning to commence flights.