No complaints received regarding pilotage fees: MPL

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has stated no complaints have been received regarding the pilotage fees charged to international cruise liners, despite reports that cruise liners are unable to dock at the Maldives due to large pilotage fees.

Some media outlets have reported that the reason behind the lack of cruise liners docking in the Maldives since the COVID-19 pandemic is the large pilotage fees charged by MPL. However, MPL said it has received no complaints regarding the pilotage fees, noting the new fees were allocated following discussions with stakeholders of the industry.

MPL said the new pilotage fees are still low compared to other countries in the region. However, MPL said it is ready to hold discussions with stakeholders again if there is an issue with the pilotage fees.

Pilotage fees are charged for ship guidance, anchoring and unanchoring, as well as docking and undocking. MPL said the tariff rates for pilotage fees are allocated based on the tonnage of the vessel.