AgroNat supplying local produce to 12 resorts

Agro National Corporation (AgroNAT) has revealed local produce of local farmers is supplied to 12 resorts now.

AgroNAT, a company established by the government aiming to empower the agriculture sector of the Maldives, has established contracts with agricultural workers across the country to work in collaboration.

Agronat said it is working with farmers to develop 17 products, including pumpkin, types of bananas, eggplant, melons, papaya, watermelon, butternut, tomatoes, cucumbers, snake gourd, sponge gourd, types of beans, capsicum, lettuce, and types of cabbage. Agronat revealed many of these products have now been released to the market.

Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Managing Director of Agronat Haroon Rasheed said 12 local produces are being supplied to 12 resorts and the company is working hard to harvest produce required for resorts.

AgrotNat has been providing the produce to the local market in Male' city and wholesale sellers. Under the Contract Farming, AgroNat will establish agreements and provide technical and financial assistance to farmers which will ensure that farmers can market their products.

AgroNAT was founded as a State-Owned Enterprise with the overall mandate to assist in developing the agricultural sector. AgroNAT works toward enforcing objectives such as enabling an efficient supply chain for agriculture, providing technical expertise and training to farmers, expanding the role of women in farming, and facilitating access to quality fertilizers across islands.