MMPRC begins Lead Generation Campaign with Australia’s Signature Media

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has commenced the “Lead Generation Campaign” with Australia’s Signature media. This B2B campaign will be held from October 2021 till April 2022.

Signature Media is Australia's leading independent publisher of travel content. The brand has four platforms, including Holiday with Kids (HWK), Vacation and Travel (V&T), Signature Luxury Travel (SIG) and Luxury Travel & Style (LTS), through which print and online tourism related content is circulated to over hundreds of thousands of readers/viewers.

The campaign with Signature Media is held as part of MMPRC’ efforts to make the Maldives the go-to destination in the Australia Market, to build media and PR contacts and to increase engagement with tourists from Australia. The campaign will target three segments of travelers, including luxury, family and standard travelers with distinct messaging for each.

Through this campaign, MMPRC aims to inform travel trade and tourists of the wide variety of options available in the Maldives for not just luxury, honeymooners and couples but also families and budget travelers. It targets to boost visibility of Maldives in the Australian market to encourage pre-booking. During this campaign Signature Media will post advertisements and editorials of Maldives targeting 4 platforms of the group which is expected to reach over 700 thousand readers/viewers of its platforms.

The campaign is conducted as part of MMPRC’s strategy for the Australian market which is based on promoting the Maldives as a safe haven and top of mind destination for Australians when their borders open for international travel. The strategy is based on providing information about the stringent measures in place at our resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards to Australians. It also targets to inform Australian tourists about unique experiences available in the Maldives.

MMPRC has been holding several activities, such as webinars, social and digital media campaigns targeting Australian travel trade as part of the effort to maintain destination momentum and increase arrivals from the market once their borders open for international travels.