Dhiraagu and Ooredoo to lower mobile internet prices starting from October 1

Local telecommunications companies Dhiraagu and Ooredoo have announced the decision to lower their mobile internet prices starting from October 1.

The two companies decided to lower mobile internet prices in line with the government’s “Netu Heyo” programme, which aims to provide internet services at an affordable price for all. The new prices announced by Dhiraagu and Ooredoo follow the prices allocated by the Communication Authority of the Maldives (CAM).

Dhiraagu stated the changes to be brought on October 1 will increase the data allowances of its postpaid plans by 29%, and lower the mobile data by 22%. Further, Dhiraagu announced its prepaid combo plans will receive up to 36% more data allowance and reduce the price of data up to 33%. Dhiraagu also revealed its LTE broadband packages will receive up to 30% more data, with internet speed increasing from 10 Mbps to 25 Mbps.

Meanwhile, Ooredoo announced its prepaid customers will receive up to 60% more data, while postpaid customers will receive whole new packages with much larger data allowances. Ooredoo also revealed it will upgrade its Faseyha Broadband packages with up to 25% more data, in addition to a special offer with up to 80% more data.

The new mobile internet packages have been introduced as part of the government’s “Netu Heyo” programme, announced in June. Under the programme, broadband internet prices were reduced by 28-30% in July.