STO Agricentre to begin supplying products to resorts

State Trading Organisation (STO)’s Agricentre has stated preparations are underway to begin supplying agricultural produce to resorts.

Speaking to PSM News, Operations Manager of Agricentre Mohamed Shahaad said the centre is undertaking several efforts to provide a good income for local farmers. As such, Shahaad said preparations are ongoing to begin the supply of agricultural produce to resorts. He expressed hope the supply to resorts can begin within a month.

STO Agricentre was established last April, with the aim of providing Maldivian farmers the full benefit from the sale of their products, and to reduce agricultural imports and supply resorts with local products. The centre is currently supplying products to about 50 businesses.

The STO Agricentre currently purchases 16 different types of items from farmers, including watermelon, capsicum, tomato, sweet potato, cucumber, melon, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, brinjal, pumpkin and chilli. The centre said it will continue to add more products to the list.