Some room rental facilities operating in violation of regulations: Tourism Ministry

Ministry of Tourism has stated some room rental facilities in the Greater Male’ Region are operating in violation of the regulations for hotels, guesthouses and other tourist facilities.

Speaking to PSM News, Senior Policy Director at the Ministry of Tourism Ibrahim Farhad revealed a total of 26 facilities have been inspected as part of the mass inspection of tourist facilities, which began on August 18. Farhad noted the inspection focuses on compliance to COVID-19 regulations, as well as the relevant regulations of the tourism ministry and other authorities. He noted the inspection is currently being carried out in the Greater Male’ Region, although facilities in the atolls would also be inspected as part of the programme.

Farhad further noted 7 of the 26 facilities inspected so far are room rental facilities, some of which are operating in violation of the set regulations. Noting some facilities renting rooms without obtaining the operating license for guesthouses can easily be approved for a guesthouse license, Farhad called on all such facilities to obtain their operating license and carry out their business within the set regulations.

Last week, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that the government had initiated an inspection programme of guesthouses and tour operations to ensure that tourists who choose to transit in the Maldives are being treated fairly and that the mandated COVID-19 control measures were being implemented strictly. The president said it would be a tremendous setback to lose control of COVID-19 in the Maldives again. He called on all guesthouse owners and tour agents to strictly maintain COVID-19 control measures and take all necessary precautions to prevent community spread.