Government to stamp down on hiking staple food prices

Ministry of Economic Development and State Trading Organisation (STO) have decided to stamp down on businesses that do not sell staple foods at the government-regulated prices.

Spokesperson at the President's Office Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said keeping the price of staple foods stable is a high priority for the government for the upcoming month of Ramadan. Mabrook said the economic ministry will be conducting monitoring efforts with the assistance from STO business centres and 217 staple food agents across the country. He said the government will ensure affordability and continued supply of staple food items and other essentials during Ramadan by solving the various issues faced by importers and increase the rate of clearance at the Male' Commercial Harbor.

STO has lowered the price of staple foods and perishables for the month of Ramadan. In this regard, a kilo of onions is now available for USD 0.61, a kilo of potatoes is available for USD 0.58, and an egg is sold for USD 0.091.

Bags of staple foods and perishables are available at a discount rate from the STO Supermart Wholesale Centre, with one bag of onions sold for USD 12.94, a bag potatoes sold for USD 11.97, and a case of eggs sold for USD 17.15.