Private cargo brought via Tuticorin-Addu ferry increases 60%

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) has revealed private cargo brought on the latest ferry operated between Tuticorin, India and Addu City had increased 60% compared to the previous ferry.

As part of the cargo ferry service launched between Tuticorin and Addu/Thinadhoo, MSS cargo ship MV Bonthi II has brought 3,554 metric tonnes of goods on its latest voyage to Addu. MSS stated this includes about 2,000 tonnes of cargo brought in by State Trading Organisation (STO) and about 1,500 tonnes of private cargo, which is a 60% increase on the private cargo brought on the previous ferry. MSS said the private cargo brought in mainly includes perishables and other food items.

The national shipping line had launched the cargo ferry service between Tuticorin and Addu/Thinadhoo in December. In addition, the company is also acting as the local agent for the cargo ferry service between Cochin and Kulhudhuffushi, which was launched last September. Over 700 tonnes of goods were brought on the cargo ferry from Cochin which docked in Kulhudhuffushi on January 2.