MMPRC hopeful of having 94% resorts operative by October

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has expressed hope 94% of the resorts will be operative by the end of October.

In an interview to UK’s Globetrender Magazine, Managing Director of MMPRC Thoyyib Mohamed stated many resorts were opened for operation since reopening borders on July 15. The managing director revealed 29 resorts will be opened within September expressing hope 146 resorts out of 156 resorts will be operative by the end of October.

During the interview, Thoyyib Mohamed assured to continue to work with the tourism industry stakeholders in promoting the Maldives as the most preferred tourist destination by regaining confidence of travellers in the destination and to revive the tourism industry to what it was before the global pandemic, to reach the set targets by the government.

The government has decided to permit the reopening of guesthouses in the atolls from October 15 onwards. However, guesthouses in the Greater Male’ Region will remain closed until the spread of COVID-19 is controlled in the capital.

The government of the Maldives aims to record 850,000 tourist arrivals by the end of the year.