145 people warned for breaching curfew

Health Emergency Operation Centre (HEOC) has revealed 145 people have been issued warnings for breaching the curfew imposed in the Greater Male' Region.

HEOC announced further movement restrictions in the Greater Male' Region on August 4 as part of efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. As such, the curfew in the capital now runs from 2200hrs to 0500hrs. A police permit is required to go outside during these hours.

Speaking at a press conference, Spokesperson of the HEOC Dr. Nazla Rafeeq noted the level of monitoring during curfew hours has been strengthened in order to ensure the measures are fully imposed. In this regard, the spokesperson noted 145 people were warned for breaching curfew during the first day of enforcing the measures. She added individuals who breach the curfew more than once will be fined.

In addition to extending curfew hours, HEOC has also mandated wearing masks in public starting from August 1. HEOC revealed 151 people have been fined for not wearing a mask in public, while a further 986 people were given warnings.

As part of efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has also launched a mass public health inspection in the capital, in collaboration with Male' City Council. In this regard, 235 establishments were inspected and 20 establishments were closed on August 5 for violating safety guidelines. The establishments that have been closed include eight shops, six salons, three markets and three food outlets.

The establishments are given 24 hours to rectify the violations, after which it will be permitted to reopen if the issues have been addressed.