Rate of COVID-19 transmission currently at the baseline: NEOC

National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has declared the current rate of COVID-19 infections in the Maldives are at the expected baseline.

Speaking at the daily press briefing held at the NEOC, Dr. Ibrahim Afzal from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) said the number of cases reported in the Maldives are currently on the decline. He said a daily record of 30-50 cases is to be expected as the baseline during a pandemic, adding the numbers are currently not worrying.

Furthermore, the doctor detailed COVID-19 is now expected to be an endemic and hence, a certain number of cases will be constant in the country. Dr. Afzal added the reduction of daily cases is down to effective containment measures in place, noting the cases are significantly less than the numbers projected.

The country has seen a significant decline in the confirmed cases of COVID-19, with only 30-50 cases recorded daily over the past week.