Maldives has 97 operational ventilators: NEOC

National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) has revealed Maldives currently has 97 operational ventilators in the capital and across the atolls.

Responding to claims the country only has a limited number of ventilators, Spokesperson of NEOC Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said the country has 97 ventilators, which is enough for the current situation. Mabrook said the government's efforts have never been stronger to contain COVID-19 and overcome the situation, noting the decision to set up 200 ICU beds near the capital. He assured efforts are underway to acquire all facilities and equipment required for the beds.

COVID-19 has loomed a crisis as the hospitals have been under-resourced to manage the pandemic. Health systems in developed nations, global superpowers, and other nations alike have proven to be fragile, and governments are working hard to manage the facilities and resources.

Maldives has taken various measures to flatten the curve of the outbreak and spread to contain the virus. World Health Organisation (WHO) has applauded Maldives for its swift and effective measures in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.