Unemployed youth could negatively impact economy: Higher Education Minister

Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ibrahim Hassan has stated increase of unemployed youth could impact economy of the country.

Speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate Maldives Enhancing Employability and Resilience of Youth Project held jointly by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Development and World Bank, Higher Education Minister Ibrahim Hassan said the number of unemployed youth has been increasing for various reasons.

The higher education minister expressed worry it could have a negative impact on the Maldivian society. The minister said the wealth of the country is in danger if more youth are not employed. He noted the efforts of the administration to ensure Maldivian youth are responsible citizens who have attained proper education and skills.

Highlighting on the Maldives Enhancing Employability and Resilience of Youth Project, the minister revealed the project is conducted at a cost of USD 20 million, with USD 10 million provided by World Bank and the remaining USD 10 million received on credit. He said the aim of the project would ensure youth of all genders have equal opportunities to gain an income, adding the project will improve the relevance of technical and vocational skills and foster entrepreneurship to promote youth employment.