ECM prepares to hold local council elections early next year

Elections Commission of Maldives (ECM) has begun preparations to hold the local council elections early next year.

Speaking to PSM News regarding the preparations of the upcoming elections, spokesperson and member Ahmed Akram said ECM has got the prominent voters list from Department National Registration (DNR). He said the voters list would be compiled including the voters who come of age by voting day.

In the last local council elections held in 2017, 255,987 people were eligible to vote, while 264,442 were eligible to vote in the last parliamentary elections held last March. Therefore, it is expected over 265,000 people would be eligible to vote in the local council elections next year.

Furthermore, ECM has revealed discussions to amend the regulations on how political parties are granted allowances are included in the agenda of the political party talks scheduled for Monday. The electoral body has extended invitation to all political parties to attend the talks, in addition to non-government organisations and a member from each media outlet.