PG lashes at High Court regarding comments

Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham has stated the High Court cannot decide whether action will be taken if the stand is changed, adding without any reasons the stand was never changed.

Speaking to PSM News regarding the warning sent saying action will be taken against her if the stand of the state is being changed during the procedure of criminal cases, Prosecutor General Bisham revealed the stand was not changed in the court proceedings. She added the stand was not changed during one court proceedings, but twice.

The Prosecutor General expressed the comments of the high court were seen by the media alleging no one cared to investigate why the stands are caused to change. Highlighting the constitution clearly states the procedure to change the stand, Bisham said there is no reason the stand cannot be changed and reviewed.

In addition, Bisham said the stand on some cases were changed to fit then guideline issued by Attorney General. She noted, if the stand was changed on any occasion, the decision would have been reasoned out at the proceedings.

The High Court warned Prosecutor General Bisham on April 30.