The way Maldivians overcome challenges is inspirational: Indian Ambassador

Ambassador of India to Maldives Akhilesh Mishra has said he found the way Maldivians overcome challenges to be inspirational and hoped the robust people centric agenda between India and Maldives would continue to flourish.

During the farewell call on Vice President Faisal Naseem at the President’s Office, Ambassador Mishra reiterated his commitment to continue working closely with the Government of Maldives in all spheres of common benefit.

Meanwhile, Vice President Faisal Naseem conveyed his sincere gratitude and appreciation for the immense efforts made by the Ambassador to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries and the generous support he has extended to Maldives during his ambassadorial tenure. Moreover, he expressed his sincere hope that Maldives and India will always remain close friends and partners.

On conclusion, the vice president acknowledged the warmth and amity with which Maldivians have come to regard the ambassador, due to his gregarious disposition, and the efforts he has taken to learn the Maldives’ cultural traditions and language. The vice president finally remarked that whilst he wishes the ambassador good fortune in all his future endeavours, he will always be welcome to visit Maldives as a friend.