MIFCO does not have capacity to buy all the fish in the market

Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture Zaha Waheed has said the state-owned fisheries company does not have the capacity to purchase a fair share of the fish caught by the fishermen in Maldives and notes it is an issue that should be solved.

Addressing the official reception held to celebrate the Fishermen's Day, Minister Zaha Waheed stated the number of fish caught has increased with the efforts of the fishermen. However, with regret, she noted the number of fish caught has increased at a speed that does not meet the infrastructure development. She stated fishermen and fish processing companies played an important role in bringing the positive outcome Maldives is experiencing in the sector.

Noting the government aims to empower private companies and increase the revenue of fish processing companies, the minister said location monitoring systems will be installed in registered and permitted fishing vessels next year.