Thilafushi waste incinerators to be used on September: WAMCO

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has stated waste incinerators installed in Thilafushi Corporation will start its operation in September. WAMCO revealed the waste produced by the healthcare facilities will be incinerated using the machine.
WAMCO said the waste incinerators installed in Thilafushi has now undergone the testing procedure adding even though the machines will first incinerate waste produced from healthcare facilities, all types of waste will be incinerated using the machine within a short period of time. 20 tonnes of waste can be incinerated daily from the five machines installed at the facility in Thilafushi, according to WAMCO.
The corporation has completely stopped burning waste in Thilafushi after the government handed over the waste management of Male' area. WAMCO has brought several changes to Thilafushi since then, with the area cleaned after removing all waste collected.
Moreover, WAMCO have also placed two waste packing machines in Thilafushi.