Independence Day to be celebrated vibrantly

Ministry of Dhivehi Language, Culture and Heritage has announced a schedule of activities to celebrate this year's Independence Day. These plans were unveiled during a press conference led by the ministry.

Speaking at the conference, Director General Athika Ibrahim detailed that Independence Day activities will span a week, from July 24 to 31. She further highlighted key events, including independence day reception hosted by the President and the First Lady and the official Independence Day ceremony. During this ceremony, individuals who have served the government for extended periods will be honored with awards, recognising their dedication and commitment to the state.

The planned activities for Independence Day include a range of events designed to engage the public and celebrate the nation's heritage. These activities are:
- Flag hoisting ceremony
- Essay writing competition
- Art competition
- Military parades organised by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF)
- Field activities
- Docudrama by the Ministry of Dhivehi Language, Culture and Heritage
- Stage show
- A special evening for children at the Fiyavathi
- A special evening for the elderly community
- Film festival
- Activities in countries with significant Maldivian populations
- Independence Day carnival featuring a drone show and fireworks
- Cultural show
- Food festival
- Special sales

Independence Day, celebrated annually on July 26, marks the day in 1965 when the Maldives gained independence from British colonial rule, which had begun in 1887. This year marks the 59th anniversary.