Opportunities open to participate in India Steel Expo

Opportunities have been opened to participate in the India Steel International Exhibition and Conference. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has disclosed that the conference will be held from April 24-26 in Mumbai, India, as announced by the Indian government.

The ministry revealed that pertinent information on the exhibition and conference will be provided to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), trade chambers and associations in India. The ministry stated that the conference will provide a golden opportunity for businessmen to strengthen their relationships in the field of trade and investment, while enhancing their knowledge in the field. It has further urged local firms interested to participate in the conference, to complete the registration procedures.

The India Steel Expo is a significant event for companies involved in the construction sector. The expo will showcase the most recent advancements and deliberate on potential resolutions to obstacles encountered in the construction sector.

In the previous expo, over 250 exhibitors from 11 countries took part, while over 800 participants engaged in the conference.