Coral bleaching survey underway

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the initiation of a survey addressing the ongoing coral bleaching issue, as shared in a recent social media post.

The Maldives has been experiencing persistent coral bleaching, exacerbated by rising sea temperatures, with significant occurrences dating back to 1998. EPA has notably observed an increase in coral bleaching cases in recent years, attributing it partly to human activities that disrupt reef conditions.

Furthermore, EPA warns that extensive land reclamation and beach nourishment activities could further delay reef regeneration. The agency is further actively investigating complaints that some project operators are not adhering to the measures that were strategically reinforced to be effectively implemented.

Additionally, EPA has implemented several initiatives, to extensively mitigate the negative impacts of the “Mass Coral Bleaching Event,” encompassing temporary moratorium on all major coastal development projects and land reclamation activities until June 10, 2024. However, some works have been allowed to continue. Concurrently, EPA has requested a halt to activities such as land reclamation, sand mining, beach development, and the construction of reef pipelines, cables, and bund walls.

Currently, the Maldives is at "Alert Level One" for coral bleaching, with reports of bleaching coming in from various areas.