Azim urges current parliament to halt decisions

Parliamentarian Ali Azim has urged against initiating any additional decisions during the remaining session of the current parliament. These remarks were delivered during the inaugural session of the 21st parliamentary meeting this year.

Moreover, Azim highlighted that 90 percent of the members have been voted out in the recent parliamentary elections, indicating a lack of confidence. He stated that until the new members are sworn in, the current parliament should refrain from making decisions on behalf of the people.

Additionally, parliamentarian Ibrahim Rasheed asserted that the current parliamentary session is nearing its end, signalling the impending invalidation of government bills and committee proposals. He emphasised that there is no set deadline for the ratification of these measures and believes the term is ending imminently. Therefore, he recommended the resignation of the
current leadership of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) to facilitate further progress.

Furthermore, parliamentarian Hassan Zareer affirmed that the present administration was able to secure a super majority in the parliament owing to previous actions initiated by MDP. He further expressed that the people's decision in the parliamentary elections suggests their desire to retain President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, rather than to remove him.

The current parliament sessions are scheduled to continue until May 15. However, the government has decided to convene the final session of the current parliament on May 13. Simultaneously, the Presidency has announced its decision to host the oath taking ceremony for the incoming members of the parliament on May 28.