Parliamentary cooperation vital to pass amendments in fulfilling gov'ts vows

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has reiterated his commitment to fulfilling all promises outlined in the government's manifesto, emphasising the pivotal role of parliamentary cooperation in approving over 200 proposed amendments and bills to achieve these objectives.

In a statement, President Dr. Muizzu underscored the importance of fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation within the nation, emphasizing his dedication to establishing a peaceful society. He emphasized that achieving this overarching goal requires collaboration from both the public and the parliament.

However, President Dr. Muizzu acknowledged the challenges posed by opposition members despite the administration's diligent efforts to fulfill its commitments. He highlighted the need for parliamentary cooperation to overcome these challenges and effectively implement the government's agenda.

President Dr. Muizzu also emphasized the importance of electing parliamentarians who share similar views and opinions with the current administration in the upcoming parliamentary elections. He cautioned against the potential obstacles that could arise if candidates elected do not align with the government's agenda, including constraints in project budgets and allocations.

Therefore, the President urged residents to prioritize the development and future of the nation over individual interests when casting their votes. He called for the election of candidates who will actively support and cooperate in achieving the commitments outlined in the government's manifesto.