Minister says projects halted due to lack of secured funds

Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has shed light on the challenges faced by the health sector due to funding shortages, leading to halts in several projects initiated by the previous administration. His remarks came in response to queries raised by parliamentarians regarding the status of ongoing health infrastructure projects.

Dr. Khaleel revealed that upon assuming office, the current government encountered a situation where several hospital construction projects across different islands were stalled. He attributed these halts primarily to the lack of adequate funding allocated prior to the commencement of these projects.

Highlighting the diverse reasons behind the project stoppages, the minister assured that discussions with the respective contractors have enabled the resumption of some projects. However, he expressed concerns over the sheer number of projects initiated by the previous government, which outstripped the available budgetary allocation.

Dr. Khaleel disclosed that the allocated budget of USD 25 million for health sector projects was insufficient to sustain the ongoing initiatives. He underscored the importance of securing adequate funds for project continuation and emphasized the need for prudent financial management to ensure project sustainability.

In outlining the government's approach, Dr. Khaleel affirmed a commitment to initiating projects only after securing the necessary funds, a departure from the practices of the previous administration.