Health centers were transitioned to 24-hour service without facilities

Minister of Health Abdulla Khaleel has disclosed that the previous government implemented changes in health centers to operate round-the-clock without ensuring adequate facilities to support continuous service. He made the remarks in response to inquiries from parliamentarians regarding healthcare services.

Several parliamentarians expressed concerns about the inability of many island health centers to deliver essential services despite being mandated to operate 24 hours a day. In response, Minister Khaleel attributed the situation to changes made by the previous administration toward the end of its term, which lacked the provision of necessary resources and infrastructure to sustain continuous service. He also highlighted the shortage of doctors and nurses exacerbating the issue.

Minister Khaleel informed that the health ministry is conducting a thorough inventory analysis to procure the required facilities for health centers. He assured ongoing efforts to enhance sea ambulance services for emergency situations in islands. Furthermore, he stressed the significance of establishing laboratory facilities in islands and stated that the ministry is actively working to acquire necessary equipment for these services, with some already dispatched to respective islands.

The minister announced plans to take action against hospitals and health centers exhibiting delays and inefficiencies in service delivery. This action will follow discussions with the respective contractors and service providers to address these issues effectively.