Addu bridge survey works underway

The first survey work for the bridge project linking Hithadhoo to Hulhudhoo-Meedhoo in Addu City has been successfully completed.

The government awarded the survey and preliminary design task for the Addu City Bridge to The Arab Contractors, an Egypt-based company. The decision was made during President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's visit to Addu in February. The President assured the residents of Addu that the survey and preliminary design phase would swiftly progress, leading to the construction of the bridge, which is expected to be operational within the year.

Following President Dr. Muizzu's pledge, the survey work commenced, with the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure confirming the initiation of the first survey for the preliminary design on March 6. Now completed, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr. Abdulla Muththalib affirmed that the survey would wrap up within three months, staying true to the President's pledge of completing the bridge this year.

Spanning approximately 14km, the bridge garnered interest from various parties, including major Chinese companies, upon its initial announcement. However, the government decided to entrust The Arab Contractors with the project, emphasising their dedication to its timely completion. Notably, the survey expenses are borne by the contractor, reflecting a cost-effective approach.

The government emphasised a collaborative approach, stressing the involvement of the Addu City Council and local residents throughout the project's execution. Beyond enhancing progress and development in Addu, the bridge is expected to enhance connectivity for residents of neighboring atolls, fostering further growth in Hulhumeedhoo and beyond.