Janah urges against spreading false information about economy

Principal Advisor to the President on Trade and Investment, Mohamed Ali Janah, has cautioned against the spread of misinformation regarding the Maldives' economy for personal gain.

Speaking at a gathering with residents of Villingili, Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Janah urged people not to engage in disseminating false information about the economy despite any existing divisions or differences of opinion.

Janah acknowledged that the economy has faced challenges and has been managed differently since the 1990s. Despite the difficulties, he emphasised that the President, with a robust team, has been successful in improving the economy. He stressed the importance of refraining from spreading false news as it can have widespread consequences for the entire country.

Highlighting the unique challenges faced by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, Janah expressed his commitment to working with the President to overcome these challenges. He noted the President's efforts to find sustainable solutions for the country's future and encouraged self-reliance in maintaining control over the economy.

Janah concluded by noting the President's dedication to stabilising the economy and improving its current state, describing the ongoing efforts as an endeavor to bring clarity to the economic situation.