Minister urges collective involvement for success of waste management

Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, Thoriq Ibrahim, has underscored the collaborative effort required for effective waste management during the launch of the National Waste and Resource Management Programme, known as "Magey Saafu Raajje." The inauguration was conducted by First Lady Sajidha Mohamed.

This is a national programme designed to formulate and implement a nationwide island waste management project, which is the Government's commitment under the economy and environment section of the ‘Week 14’ roadmap.

The 'Magey Saafu Raajje' programme aims to formulate comprehensive waste management systems implemented in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. The programme’s objectives include developing regional centres able to transport the waste that needs to be removed from the island, disposing of it using eco-friendly methods, and facilitating waste transportation between regional centres and islands. The programme also aims to conduct training programmes and awareness activities for safe waste management at the islands and regional levels.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Thoriq stressed that waste management is a shared responsibility that extends beyond government control, emphasising the need for collective involvement. Reflecting on past efforts post the 2004 tsunami, he acknowledged the absence of a comprehensive solution to date.

Highlighting the President's vision for an environmental system ensuring sustainable and safe waste management, Minister Thoriq called for the active participation of the government, private individuals, and businesses in this endeavor. In alignment with the President's commitment, he disclosed a projected expenditure of over USD 428 million in the next five years to establish a sustainable waste management system.

The ceremony featured a significant donation from the Japanese government – 48 waste collection vehicles, presented by Japanese Ambassador to Maldives, Takeuchi Midori, marking a collaborative step towards enhancing waste management infrastructure in the Maldives.