President's says his primary goal is meeting people's aspirations

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has reiterated his commitment to listening to the people's needs and working towards fulfilling their aspirations during an evening meeting with the residents of Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

Held at Madaveli School, the President conveyed that the Madaveli Island Council had identified numerous development projects during their meeting, and the Administration would earnestly strive to achieve the desired outcomes.

Highlighting housing issues as a primary goal, the President assured that the Administration would initiate land reclamation in Madaveli Island, aligning efforts for long-term benefits. Additionally, he committed to developing a harbor tailored to the needs of the island community.

Despite inheriting a debt of USD7.8 billion to foreign entities and an additional USD584 million in unpaid bills for commissioned work, the President affirmed the Administration's dedication to meeting people's needs, delivering results, and revitalizing the Maldivian economy.

Accompanied by a high-level government delegation, the President is touring several islands in Addu City, Fuvahmulah City, and the North and South Huvadhoo Atolls.