Gov't signs MoU to upgrade utility services in Villimale'

The Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with utility companies to upgrade utility services in Villimale'.

The environment ministry signed the MoU with State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) and the Maldives Water and Sewerage Company Limited (MWSC). The purpose of the MoU is to identify the challenges and problems with the electricity, water supply and sewerage systems in Villimale' and what needs to be done to solve the problems and keep pace with the increasing demand on the island.

Under the MoU, a technical study will be conducting to assess the demand of Villimale' over the next twenty years and determine the investments required to repair and upgrade the existing infrastructure in Villimale'. The study will be used to formulate an action plan to develop infrastructure and improve utility services.

Under the MoU, STELCO and MWSC will receive information on the land use plan of Villimale' and the government policies for the development of the energy sector. The utility companies will also receive assistance in submitting the proposed project and action plan to the Economic Council for approval.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister Thoriq Ibrahim noted that the water supply and sewerage systems are being developed in Villimale'. He also highlighted the President's initiative to construct new buildings on vacant lots in Villimale' and upgrade existing buildings into taller structures.