LGA to amend law and hold Thinadhoo City mayoral election

The Local Government Authority (LGA) has stated that it plans to amend the law and elect the mayor of Thinadhoo City as soon as possible.

Thinadhoo was designated as a city by a presidential decree by the previous government in August 30. The decision has been criticised for being made close to the presidential election without fulfilling the necessary requirements. However, the new administration has decided to accept Thinadhoo's city status.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Committee on Decentralisation, Director General of LGA Shammoon Adam proposed legal amendments to resolve the issue, highlighting that the local council election is two years away. He recommended amending the law to allow the Thinadhoo City mayoral election to be held quickly. He also said the Thinadhoo City Council has been allocated a budget through a block grant formula to provide services at the city level.

Also at the meeting, Minister of Cities, Local Government, and Public Works Adam Shareef said the previous government's decision to give Thinadhoo city status was not well thought out but that the new administration will respect the decision. He expressed concern that an island council is now tasked with providing the services of a city while the next election is two years away. As such, he said the attorney general has been requested to provide a recommendation to the government and find an immediate solution.

During the meeting, committee member Hisaan Hussain expressed her belief that there was no issue in the presidential decree or the interpretation of law. She clarified that once Thinadhoo became a city, the council president and vice president have become the mayor and deputy mayor and that the island council have been changed to a city council.