Hulhule’-Hulhumale’ Link road solar panels to be removed

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the solar panels installed on the Hulhule’-Hulhumale’ link road will be removed and re-installed on another island.

During a meeting with residents of Hulhumale' Phase I, President-elect Muizzu said the link road has the most scenic view in Male' but that the scenery is now blocked by the solar panels. He said that he would transfer the solar panels to a dedicated island after consulting with investors, highlighting that his administration prioritises the development of renewable energy.

The installation of the 5MW solar power system on the Hulhule’-Hulhumale’ link road was financially supported by the World Bank as part of the Accelerating Sustainable Private Investment in Renewable Energy (ASPIRE) initiative. Thailand-based Ensys Company Limited was awarded the project and is also responsible for its ongoing maintenance. The initiative stands as the largest project of its kind in the Maldives under the second phase of ASPIRE. The solar power system is anticipated to significantly reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels and enable the government to save USD1.3 million annually.