Gaining trust of countries lead to financial assistance: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the Maldives receives financial assistance due to the trust other nations place in the country.

At a campaign event, President Solih addressed criticisms regarding the substantial amount of loans the administration has accepted. He noted that the previous government faced challenges in securing financial assistance due to a lack of trust from other nations and banks, attributed to its poor foreign policy.

Moreover, President Solih described the five years of the previous government as isolationist and contrasted it with his administration, which has witnessed the most robust foreign relations in the country's history. He also listed the foreign policy mistakes the previous government made, including cutting ties with Qatar, leaving The Commonwealth, and neglecting the diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries.

Additionally, President Solih said that the Maldives has gained the trust of other nations under his administration, allowing the country to access loans. He clarified that these loans are accepted only after careful consideration and assurance of their repayment. He cautioned that if citizens overlook the lessons learned in recent years, the Maldives could find itself in a precarious financial situation once again.

Furthermore, President Solih said that his administration has established diplomatic relations with numerous countries and enhanced relations with neighbouring countries. He said that this has resulted in the Maldives receiving continued assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic and becoming one of the fastest-recovering countries.