First batch of principals to conclude training in Malaysia

The first batch of principals is expected to return soon after concluding their training in Malaysia.

Ministry of Education stated that the principals who were awarded scholarships by the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will return this month. The scholarship programme to train principals of schools was introduced by the education ministry last year to create qualified principals in a planned and sustainable manner.

The ministry stated that the scholarship programme aims to ensure that well-trained Maldivian principals are appointed to all schools in the Maldives within the next three years. All expenses under the programme are incurred by the government. The first batch of principals was awarded the scholarships in March 2022.

Speaking to PSM News, Deputy Minister of Education Ahmed Mujahid highlighted the success of the scholarship programme in training highly qualified principals, especially for schools that lack principals. He said that the first batch of principals will return to their schools later this month, noting that 18 principals were chosen for the scholarship programme last year. He expressed confidence that the principals will assist in raising the standards of their schools.

Additionally, Deputy Minister Mujahid said the administration launched the scholarship programme after years of neglect in training principals. He said the education ministry aims to continue the programme and assured that more scholarship opportunities will be opened for principals.