Hulhumale’ Phase II Police Station officially opened

Ministry of Home Affairs has officially opened the police station in Hulhumale’ Phase II. The police station was officially inaugurated by Minister of State for Home Affairs Ali Nazeer, at a special ceremony held on July 3.

Speaking at the ceremony, State Minister Nazeer highlighted the importance of developing security services along with essential services such as water supply and sewerage system, as part of the government’s efforts to initiate infrastructure development projects across the country. As such, he said that it was crucial to have an adequate plan to maintain peace in high-population areas such as Hulhumale’.

Furthermore, State Minister Nazeer warned that criminals are becoming more dangerous and organised and acknowledged the need to further heighten the efforts of the national security services to stop organised crime and prevent individuals from being recruited for criminal activity. He said that security services need to implement plans to maintain peace in the community in accordance with the changes to criminal activities.

Additionally, State Minister Nazeer said that plans to stop and prevent crime should be more robust than the plans made to develop water supply and sewerage systems, as the threats to the public should be stopped before they occur. He also highlighted the importance of reducing crime and keeping citizens safe in order to alleviate the burden on future generations. He also expressed confidence that the police station will provide efficient services to Hulhumale’ residents and address their concerns.

Also at the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yusuf said that police officers are tasked with implementing the law and protecting the rights of citizens but that, while police officers and Maldivians interact every 20 seconds, the number of complaints submitted to the Maldives Police Service (MPS) are low compared to the amount of crimes committed. As such, he said that more work needs to be done to increase the trust in the police service.