Three arrested in relation to Rilwan’s case

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has arrested three suspects in relation to the alleged abduction and murder of journalist Rilwan Abdulla in 2014.

MPS stated that 39-year-old Ahmed Ismail, 40-year-old Ahmed Muaz, and 30-year-old Ismail Abdul Raheem were arrested for allegedly planning and taking part in the abduction and murder of Rilwan. The report formulated by the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCom) had also indicated their involvement in the case.

In the report, DDCom stated that Ismail Abdul Raheem had followed Rilwan before his disappearance and that he was previously deported from Turkey after being caught crossing the border to Syria. The report also showed that he had been involved in various extremist activities in the Maldives.