Gov’t builds 40 football pitches across the Maldives

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof has stated that 40 football pitches have been built as part of the government’s work to develop the sports sector. He made the remarks while responding to questions at the Parliament of the Maldives regarding the latest updates on the projects to build football pitches across the country.

Speaking at the Parliament, Minister Mahloof said the government has prioritised developing sports facilities and that 40 football pitches have already been built, despite the difficulties the government had faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that 50 more football pitches are currently being built. The minister said the current administration has been the most focused on developing the sports sector compared to any other previous government. He highlighted the high number of football pitches being built across the Maldives and said the government’s aim is to expand a variety of sports in the country using the line of credit provided by India.

Furthermore, Minister Mahloof said the biggest issue in regards to developing sports facilities is the lack of maintenance. He noted that not enough funds have been allocated in the state budget for maintaining sports facilities, and requested the parliament to assist in solving this issue. He also expressed concern over sport-related projects in the atolls not being completed within the deadline but assured that the government is working to solve this issue.