President orders detailed report on the killing of illegally imported birds

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ordered the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture to prepare a detailed report on the events that led to the killing of 120 birds that were imported to the Maldives illegally.

The president ordered the fisheries ministry to prepare a detailed report on the matter following public outrage over the killing of the birds at the Plant Animal Quarantine Unit in Velana International Airport (VIA). It was reported that the birds had been in the unit for about 3 months before being put down.

The fisheries ministry had earlier stated the birds were seized while being imported illegally. The ministry said the birds were put down after seeking the counsel of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). However, the AGO stated the birds could have been sent back to its country of origin with all expenses to be paid by the importer.

The killing of the birds has sparked nationwide public outrage and calls for amendments to the relevant laws to ban such killings.