Fenaka announces project to turn Gan Airport green

Fenaka Corporation Limited has announced a project to establish Gan International Airport in Addu City as the first fully solar-powered green airport of the Maldives.

On January 20, Fenaka announced it had signed an agreement with Clear Future Synergies Limited to purchase solar PV power. Under the agreement, Fenaka will be able to establish a 4.5MW solar PV system in Addu. The system will be installed in two components, with one based in Gan and the other based in Hulhumeedhoo.

Fenaka stated upon the successful completion of this project, Gan Airport will become the first fully solar powered green airport in the Maldives. Fenaka further revealed the project will help to save 2.1 million litres of diesel per year, and reduce carbondioxide emission by 5,500 tonnes.

Following the signing of the solar PV power purchase agreement by Fenaka, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology said the project is a major boost towards the national goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.