Bed nights expected to exceed 11 million by end of 2021

Ministry of Tourism has revealed bed nights are expected to exceed 11 million by the end of 2021.

The tourism ministry revealed tourist bed nights for 2021 had been recorded at 10.7 million by December 15. This has already exceeded the target of 10 million set by the government for the year. The tourism ministry expects the figure to be above 11 million by the end of the year.

As per the latest statistics of the tourism ministry, 1.2 million tourist arrivals have been recorded for the year by December 15. This is a 148% increase compared to last year, although 23.3% lower compared to 2019.

Currently, the Maldives records an average of 4,967 tourists per day. If this average is maintained for the remainder of the year, the Maldives will end the year with more than 1.3 million tourist arrivals.

India is currently the top source markets of tourists to the Maldives, with 278,740 tourists visiting from India so far this year. Russia is second on the list with 211,367 tourists.

As per the statistics, there are currently 52,848 tourist beds in operation across 912 tourist facilities. This includes 38,182 beds from resorts, 11,850 beds from hotels and guesthouses and 2,816 beds from liveaboards.