Clubmed Finolhu employees get above USD 1,300 as service charge

Employees of ClubMed Finolhu Villas Resort have received USD 1,304 as the service charge.

ClubMed Finolhu Villas Resort received the highest amount as service charge, according to statistics published on the Resort Workers Maldives Facebook page. As per statistics, ClubMed Finolhu Villas Resort has always distributed a good service charge.

According to the information released by resort workers, service charges of more than USD 1,000 were distributed from three resorts which are ClubMed Finolhu Villas Resort and Waldorf Astoria Maldives Resort and Ayada Maldives. As such, Waldorf Astoria Maldives Resort paid USD 1,062 and Ayada Maldives Resort paid USD 1,049. Meanwhile, the lowest service charges distributed to staff are around USD323.

The Employment Act of the Maldives has made amendments to make it mandatory for employers to distribute the amount charged as service charge among employees.

However, not receiving service charges from some resorts is an issue noted by resort employees.