Kandima inaugurates decompression chamber for divers

Kandima Maldives has inaugurated its newly established decompression chamber for divers who suffer decompression sickness.

The decompression chamber was officially inaugurated at the resort by the President of Dhaalu Atoll Council Ibrahim Fikury. The chamber is the fourth of its kind currently in operation across the Maldives.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the president of the atoll council said the decompression chamber in Kandima is expected to serve a large number of people, as it is the only such facility located south of Male’. He noted it would ensure divers receive fast and efficient treatment, instead of carrying them over large distances for treatment.

The decompression chamber is a sealed chamber in which a high-pressure environment is used to treat decompression sickness, gas embolism and other such conditions. The purpose of a decompression chamber is to allow surface-supplied gas divers to complete their decompression stops in a chamber rather than underwater.