Ship that ran aground near Rasfari fined USD 6.5 million for damages

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has imposed a fine of USD 6.5 million on the bulk carrier ship MV Navios Amaryllis for the damages it caused to the reef near Rasfari, Kaafu Atoll after running aground last month.

The cargo ship ran aground near Rasfari on August 19, while travelling from Tuticorin, India to a port in South Africa. Following an investigation into the incident, EPA and other local authorities revealed the ship ran aground after its engine was shut off due to overheating. Authorities stated the captain of the ship had not taken the necessary action to save the reef of Rasfari after the grounding, and had not informed the relevant authorities about the incident. As such, authorities revealed the incident was reported by the public, rather than the ship itself.

EPA stated the ship has been fined USD 6.5 million for the damages it caused to the reefs. EPA said although the actual damages caused to the reef are worth above USD 57 million, the law only allows a maximum fine of USD 6.5 million. EPA said the company that owns the ship has been asked to pay the full amount within 30 days.