Government confident of reaching 10 million bed-nights

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has expressed confidence the Maldives will reach its goal of 10 million bed nights.

Speaking on a TV programme, Minister Mausoomsaid he expects the goal will be reached when considering the current number of tourist visits and length of stay. The minister said the Maldives has made great strides in overcoming the challenges faced by the tourism industry following the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted the number of tourists arriving from various countries is improving as well as the length of their stay, which shows the government will reach its goal of 10 million bed nights.

When looking at current statistics, Minister Mausoom said over 800,000 tourists have visited the Maldives so far this year. He said 22% of tourists have come from India this year while 19% of tourist arrivals have been from Russia.

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Tourism shows tourists stay in the Maldives for an average of eight days. Currently, there are 882 tourist facilities open in the Maldives, amounting to 51,038 beds.