Gov’t says new pay framework will resolve salary issues for civil servants

The President’s Office has stated the new national pay framework, which is set to be come in to effect next year, will resolve the concerns related to civil servant salaries.

The President’s Office said the National Pay Commission is currently working on the final details of the new pay framework, noting it is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The President’s Office said the pay framework will help to eliminate the disparity among the pay packages of different state institutions, and establish an equal and fair system for the allocation of salary and benefits. The President’s Office added the salaries and benefits under the new pay framework will be allocated based on several factors such as the education and training needed for the job, level of responsibility and risks involved as well as the physical demands of the job.

The President’s Office stated the government aims to bring the pay framework into effect next year. The President’s Office said the pay framework will resolve the concerns currently raised by civil servants regarding their salaries. The President’s Office added a minimum wage will also be announced this year, which will improve the salaries of low-ranked staff in civil service.